Awards & Donations

Since its inception, CLAEO has continued to reach out to the community to lend assistance to a number of worthy projects.

Shepherd’s of Good Hope Millennium Project

CLAEO co-operated with the Ottawa Construction Association on this project by providing landscape supplies and services required to complete the project.

One Community Place

CLAEO members provided landscape supplies and services to this renovated property located on Parkdale Avenue which houses three charitable organizations – Rideauwood, Citizen Advocacy, and Family Services.

Roger’s House

CLAEO contributed funding to this major project adjacent to the Ottawa Hospital’s site on Smyth Road.

Canadensis Botanical Gardens

In 2016 and through 2017, CLAEO members made significant contributions — both cash and logistics — to the Beyond the Edge: Artists’ Gardens and Canadensis Botanical Gardens projects in preparations for Canada’s 150th Birthday celebrations.

Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health

The 2016 Annual Golf Tournament & Dinner and the 2017 Annual Banquet garnered fundraising through the selling of 50/50 tickets and event auctions (as well as a cash contribution by the Association) all on behalf of the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health.

CLAEO Scholarships

As part of our continuing commitment to the promotion of professional landscape construction, CLAEO offers annual scholarships to the students of the horticultural studies and the horticultural apprenticeship programs at Algonquin College.

Annual scholarships are granted to select students in the 1 and 2  year programs to help with tuition and other educational expenditures.